Apply to aggieTEACH-Science

Students interested in joining aggieTEACH-Science must meet certain prerequisites and submit an application. Details for each component are given below.


Students must meet the minimum requirements  below to be considered for the program.

  1. Grades in 1st year courses for area of certification must average to B or better.  First year courses for each area of certification are as follows:
    • life science – BIOL 111 and BIOL 112
    • mathematics – MATH 151/171 and MATH 152/172
    • physical science (chem core) – CHEM 119 (101/111) and CHEM 120 (102/112)
    • physical science (physics core) – PHYS 206/226 and PHYS 207/227 (or PHYS 218/208)
    • chemistry – CHEM 119 (101/111) and CHEM 120 (102/112)
    • composite science – depends on introductory coursework for major
  2. GPR of 2.75 or higher is highly recommended.
  3. GPR of 2.5 in content area.
  4. Complete SCEN 201 with a grade of B or better.
  5. Complete 15 hrs of coursework in content area (see Required Coursework in the Requirements tab).
  6. 30-80 completed college credit hours.
  7. Must have at least three semesters remaining as an undergraduate student.

Application & Statements

Students must complete all fields within the application. Two of the fields include essay statements that address the following:

  1. Discuss what you perceive as your strengths and weaknesses related to the teaching profession. Describe how you intend to strengthen these weaknesses.
  2. Discuss why you want to teach secondary mathematics or science. Include some of your past experience working with students in a mathematics or science setting.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Deadlines

January 1 – deadline for spring admissions
August 1 – deadline for fall admissions

Note: If you are admitted to the program, plan to arrive in College Station on the Thursday or Friday before the beginning of the semester to attend the Mandatory Admission Meeting.

Apply online
Henrik SchmiedicheaggieTEACH – Application