Clinical Teaching

Clinical teaching (formerly referred to as Student teaching) is the culminating experience of the teacher certification process and is generally considered to be the single most important experience in a teacher preparation program. Clinical teaching is a one-semester, unpaid, full-time experience in a Texas public school classroom. In this experience, students work side-by-side everyday with veteran teachers to learn how to meet the varied learning needs of students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This experience represents the bridge between professional preparation and professional practice.

Per Texas Administrative Code Chapter 228 Section 35, all students seeking Texas Teacher Certification must successfully complete a 14-week clinical teaching experience. For aggieTEACH-Science students, this requirement is fulfilled by taking one of MEFB 497, TEFB 429, or TEED 425. Before a student can enter the experience, all coursework (content and educational) must be completed and no other courses may be taken with clinical teaching. As a result, students enroll in clinical teaching their last semester at Texas A&M University.

For more information on clinical teaching for aggieTEACH-Science visit the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture’s Field Experiences Webpage.

Jennifer WhitfieldaggieTEACH – Clinical Teaching