aggieTEACH-Science is a Texas A&M University-recognized student organization that provides a variety of leadership opportunities for its members. The leadership structure and the name of each leader is provided below.

aggieTEACH-Science President: Hannah Hart
aggieTEACH-Science Treasurer: Taylor Schoefield

Keep all of the aggieTEACH-Science members updated on current events and important deadlines. Includes creating the monthly newsletters, as well as graphics to promote special events.
Co-Chairs: Hanwen Cui and Roxxy Garcia

External Relations:
Promote aggieTEACH-Science by speaking at New Student Conferences, introductory science and mathematics classes, and various recruiting events for high school and junior college students.
Co-Chairs: Ireland Beverly and Emma Stacey

Facilitate social events to bring the aggieTEACH-Science students together.
Co-Chairs: Sydney Lengefeld and Victoria Martinez

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