SCEN 201

Self Directed Experiences with Adolescents

Students interested in aggieTEACH-Science should register to take SCEN 201. This one-hour seminar course gives students the opportunity to learn more about the teaching profession and provides first-hand experience in high school classrooms. As such, students get a realistic perspective of public school from the teacher’s side of the desk. This course is required for admission into aggieTEACH-Science and counts toward the student’s free electives in their chosen degree.

  • Field Observations

    Students will learn about teaching by observing and talking with current teachers. During the semester each student is placed in middle school and high school classrooms in the two local school districts, College Station ISD and Bryan ISD. During this period, students spend one-hour each week observing classrooms relative to their selected field of teaching (i.e. mathematics or science).

  • In-Class Discussions

    In addition to the hands-on field experience, students enrolled in SCEN 201 attend class together once a week to discuss topics regarding the qualities and characteristics of effective teachers. Students also learn about research-based instructional strategies, the state math and science standards, teaching diverse student populations, and classroom management techniques.

What’s After SCEN 201?

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