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The first step for every student is to take SCEN 201.  All students must complete SCEN 201 with a grade of “B” or better before they can apply to aggieTEACH-Science.

No, there is no teaching obligation for students who complete the aggieTEACH-Science program UNLESS you accept a scholarship or grant that states a teaching obligation is required.

Students who have 30 or more college credit hours but less than 75 college credit hours and who are majoring in a mathematics or science related area are eligible to join the aggieTEACH-Science program. We have accepted students pursuing degrees in biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, environmental sciences, wildlife and fisheries, and biomedical sciences. Additional majors maybe possible.

Yes, the minimum GPR for aggieTEACH-Science is a 2.75 overall GPR and 2.5 GPR in your content field plan. Students who fall below the 2.75 overall GPR minimum requirement are given one-semester to raise their GPR to the 2.75 minimum requirement. Students who do not have at least a 2.5 GPR in their teaching field plan cannot take their state certification exams.

No, you do not have to join aggieTEACH-Science as a freshman; however, the aggieTEACH-Science program is designed for students to earn their bachelor’s degree and teacher certification in four years with no additional semesters. If you do not decide until later that you would like to teach, there may be additional courses required that will extend your undergraduate graduation date.

Then the aggieTEACH-Science program is perfect for you! You will graduate with a B.A. or B.S. in your field (depending on your major) AND a teacher certification. Upon graduation, you can choose to pursue a teaching position or pursue other positions related to your degree. Obtaining your teaching certificate will widen your career options and as long as you maintain a valid certificate (e.g., renew every five years), you can keep teaching as a career option.

A standard Texas Teaching Certification is valid for five years. To renew your certificate you must show proof of 150 clock hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Then, you must choose to either teach or pursue another profession with your degree. Ultimately, obtaining your teaching certification as an undergraduate will give you more job opportunities after graduation.

You should make an appointment with an aggieTEACH-Science adviser to talk about your individual situation.

Yes, it is a required course.

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